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SupportCALL is a company delivering ICT services, management and products to clients on Enterprise, Corporate, SME and home user levels. Our clients are not only based in South Africa but also international. At SupportCALL we aim to supply our client with the best products and services for their needs and their budget. We always deliver and have worked hard on simple points to build a true trust relationship with our clients because we always look after our client's needs, interests and budget first. We are at our happiest when our clients are happy with the results we deliver. Reasons why SupportCALL works can be found in the company founder and staff ( from the top level to the bottom ) Every staff member loves our company and being with SupportCALL. Our staff therefor love to do their very best. Building a long-standing relationship with our clients is very important to us. Building on a trust relationship. Thanks to the way we have structured the company it is easy for us to do so. Another reason amongst others is that we employ right and empower our team to be the best that they could be. We also have clients that are in the industry themselves, phoning in for guidance or support with a problem they are having, indirectly making us an essential part of their team and business. In your business, you need a service provider that can handle all your needs. A service provider that understands you and your company as well as the industry and where it’s going, where you've come from, where you’d like to go and where you’d like to be in five or ten years. There is no better choice than SupportCALL because we offer all the services you need and more with a strong focus on service excellence, mutual trust and making our clients' life easier with minimal interruptions to their business. During CIVID-19 LOCKDOWN SupportCALL was able to provide essential services client with all the services, products and support they needed. We are supporting trade and industry during this time and helping to keep the public safe and our country moving forward. We care about the health and safety of all people of South Africa and the world during this pandemic.

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Our Services.

Here are some of the main areas of service.

(we provide the full spectrum IT and ICT services and support.)

Emergency Response

Prompt and effective emergency response is crucial to mitigate risks and minimize downtime during critical incidents.

Onsite & Remote Support:

Providing timely support, both onsite and remotely, ensures that issues are resolved quickly, minimizing disruptions to business operations.


Protecting sensitive data, systems, and networks from cyber threats is essential for safeguarding business assets and maintaining trust with customers.


Reliable and high-speed connectivity is fundamental for enabling communication, collaboration, and access to online resources.

Remote Management & Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure help identify and address issues before they impact business operations.

Data Storage & Backup

Securely storing and backing up critical data ensures business continuity and protects against data loss due to hardware failures or cyberattacks.

Hardware & Software Supply

Providing reliable hardware and software solutions is essential for supporting business operations and enabling productivity.


Professional IT consulting helps businesses make informed decisions, optimize IT investments, and align technology with business goals.

Asset Management

Proper management of IT assets helps optimize resource utilization, control costs, and ensure compliance with licensing requirements.


Cabling involves the installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems to facilitate reliable and efficient communication within an organization's IT network.

Line Management and Monitoring

Monitoring and managing communication lines are important for ensuring uninterrupted connectivity, but may be less urgent compared to other services during critical incidents.

Remote Hands On-Site

Remote Hands On-Site service provides physical IT assistance and support at the client's remote location, ensuring prompt resolution of technical issues without the need for onsite ICT personnel.

Are You Looking For Someone To Take Care Of All Your ICT Needs?

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